this blog still has a lot of followers hello there 

hellooooo it’s been ages but just a lil update :)

hey guys!!! 

omg i haven’t been on tumblr in AGES but i want to let you guys know that we still are alive (wooo). i (personally) have moved on to twitter and i know kat and cara now have fan accounts so if you want to find us the links will be below vvv

hannah’s fan account

kat’s fan account

cara’s fan account

Anonymous asked: I really miss you guys. Like honestly, you guys were my favorite blog, and when you guys stopped coming on, I think my heart sank a bit. I know you guys haven't posted in months, so I don't even know if you will ever see this. I'm not asking you to come back or anything because I do understand that you guys are busy and stuff. I just wanted to let you guys know how much I miss you guys, and I really hope that you five girls are still friends because I used to wish for a friendship like yours <3

omfg???? this is one of the sweetest things ever omg. but just an update:

we’re all still friends, but we’ve jsut stopped using the blog because we’ve all gotten so busy. i’ve actually moved out of the state, but i do keep in touch with everyone

i honestly miss using the blog too, but it’s kinda of pointless to use it now that jess, alexis, kat, and hannah basically never go on tumblr anymore. (i use my personal a lot,

but we’re all still friends and just because we don’t use this blog anymore doesn’t mean we don’t miss it!!!!!!

-cara xxxxxxx

harry’s instagram +faceless


Drunk Niall is my favourite Niall

gav_maxwellThe Vaccines & One Direction and myself after a 4 hour karaoke session in Tokyo.


africa to england to japan all in 48 hours 



‘oh you like one direction? me too’

no you don’t understand




niall doesn’t need a license to park his car in my garage

shove his penis in my vagina you mean? yup… same

that’s disgusting, I own a parking garage and I was offering niall to park his car there

Anonymous asked: wolverhumps ok but really what would zayn and perrie’s ship name be zerrie like uh no i dont think so, I found this in the Jayn tag and I just laughed for like ten min stright "Zerrie dont think so"

what is jayn

what is this

im sorry im really confused by ur whole message omg